Octium creates bespoke designs capturing dreams in its vision of jewelry that melds form and function with art and style. Intimately part of our skin and intricately spun in the yarn of our lives, jewelry is a very personal proposition. As such, our bespoke services take patrons on a journey of discovery, nurturing ideas into heirlooms. A collaborative process, Octium translates client concepts in the context of its design sensibilities and signature style.
From the presentation of jewelry renderings to final product packaging, every nuance of the bespoke experience is focused on detail and delight. Rich in inspiration, Octium’s flagship boutique in Kuwait City is an incubator of creativity. Designed like an art gallery for Octium collections and guest designers, a special VIP lounge offers an intimate and elegant space that is perfect for dreaming bespoke. Octium is unique in the region as a House of Jewelry Design, with extensive custom services including new creations, restoration, and redesign.
Dare to design something uniquely you that only Octium can deliver in the most innovative and indulgent way.