Core to Octium is a vision of design that is simple yet sophisticated, universal yet distinct, and always evolving. Octium views jewelry as personal works of art that are intimately part of our skin and intricately spun in the yarn of our lives.
Brand icon, the octagon is an iconic shape steeped in history and cultural significance while contemporary and chic in style. An eight-sided form, the number itself symbolizes balance, timelessness, and creation. All of these elements lie within Octium’s DNA.
The brand evolved from its namesake jewelry series, Octium Creates, presented in 2010 and now in its fifth and sixth generations. The collection explores Octium’s iconic signature design in diverse themes and materials including various colors of 18k gold, diamonds and gemstones.
To showcase Octium creations and special pieces from guest designers that complement the brand, the Octium flagship boutique was created. A magical art gallery, this House of Magnificent Jewels indulges and delights the senses to explore individual expression in innovative, heirloom designs.
Forward-thinking Octium’s evolution in product and presentation knows no boundaries in its imagination of luxury design and how it fits in our lives, always underscored by the brand’s unmistakable signature style.

Background Sketch: Courtesy of Hayon Studio