Husband and wife team, Fahad Al Hajiri (CEO) and Alanood Al Sabah (Creative Director) conceived Octium from a mutual passion for jewelry, the creative process, and its significance in our lives as wearable art.

As the founding team, Fahad and Alanood bring a well-traveled, multi-cultural worldview with an appreciation for the past grounded in the present. Both Kuwaiti, Fahad (Octium’s Chief Executive Officer) studied cultural anthropology and world history at Hunter College in New York; Alanood (Octium’s Creative Director and Designer of all Octium’s creations) studied architecture, design and visual arts at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

As aficionados of architectural form and the shared language of shape, they balance an artful approach to life in designs that are simple and sophisticated, universal and distinct. An artist at her core, and a descendant of the royal Al Sabah family, Alanood had a creative upbringing. Among her mentors is her mother who is an architect, a trailblazer for women in this profession in Kuwait. Also a jewelry collector, Alanood sketched jewelry designs since she was young. Inspired by the sculptural details that surround us, she envisions design elements dangling down a neck, wrapped around a wrist, hugging an earlobe, or enveloping a finger. Intimately part of the skin, her jewelry laces art in luxury lifestyle.

It was Fahad who encouraged Alanood to produce one of her designs while they were jewelry shopping on their honeymoon in 2003. The result inspired a growing private clientele that six years later gave way to Octium. Nurturing the Octium vision operationally, Fahad’s forward-looking approach encourages the brand to explore, innovate, and inspire individual expression that is effortless to embrace.