Octium has always encouraged personal style. You will always find a level of versatility that engages our pieces with the owner’s own expression. The POP Collection introduces a fine jewelry line that is colorful, fun and exciting to the senses. Presented with an abundance of color in a variety of precious stones, sizes and shapes, these stackable rings and multifaceted earrings will always embrace a tailored manifestation that is personal and endless.

Define your day or evening look with a POP of color. Crafted in 18k yellow gold with use of diverse precious stones such as White and Blue Topaz, Garnet, Citrine, Diamond and Chrome Diopside, Octium recently amplifies the collection with a color palate of opaque stones such as White Agate, Turquoise and Green Chalcedony. With the POP Collection, you are taken on an endless experience that allows you to create your very own expression. Using a uniquely designed stacking method, each stone is set at different parts of the ring’s shank to comfortably form a stack that is your very own. The collection is created using sleek triangular prongs designed for a fresh, contemporary appearance.

The POP Collection is endless and the creativity is yours.