December 2015

After its much acclaimed success at the Couture Show in Las Vegas this past June, Octium paves it way to yet another successful retail partnership with famed US department store Neiman Marcus. Launching at two stores this past Spring, Octium found the perfect fit in the St. Louis and Dallas North Park fine jewelry departments with overwhelming feedback from clients and industry professionals alike.

A careful selection of Octium’s Premier, Twist and Couture creations have been chosen to represent the brand’s endless seam of fine jewelry creations, featuring Octium’s prized Signature Gold link Sautoirs with detachable beaded tassles and a diamond clasp. These versatile pieces were a show stopper at the Couture Show this Summer as well as at the launches of both Neiman Marcus Stores.

What a way to close off 2015 and be sure to anticipate nationwide partnerships with Neiman Marcus in the coming seasons.