June 2014
A brand new approach at the Couture 2014, Las Vegas

May 28th 2014 – LAS VEGAS:

For the third consecutive year, Octium participates in the world’s premier Fine Jewelry Trade Show, COUTURE at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vega, the highlight of the Las Vegas Jewelry Week. The 2014 participation brought forth a new direction for the brand’s fine jewelry collations. Octium’s namesake fine jewelry line, OCTIUM CREATES introduces a brand new series of fine brooches with the presentation of a beautifully selected color variation of opaque stones in signature designs. These multifunctional and versatile pieces were to reflect the traditional brooch in designs that sleek, new yet balanced with a timeless quality. The Couture show also marked Octium’s reveal of a selection of finely crafted one-off Couture and special commissioned pieces, admired for their craftsmanship, quality, design and aesthetic approach…a creative approach that is typical to Octium’s sensibilities.